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Biodiversity Conservation

Conserving and growing cultural and environmental biodiversity

Conserving biodiversity in the beautiful region of Auckland and our nation Aotearoa / New Zealand is very important to us. On our Auckland Tours, we contribute to conserving and growing the cultural and environmental biodiversity in Auckland and Aotearoa / New Zealand. Maori experiences are integrated into our tours where possible, an integral part of our company name. TIME = “To Integrate Maori Experiences”. 

We actively help our environment become better through programmes that assist the reintroduction of endemic bird species that have become extinct in Aotearoa / New Zealand. An example is the reintroduction of the Kaka (Maori language for Parrot) into the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland. Through such measures we feel that we can make a difference and make the environment a better place to live in, while being not only accepting but rather assisting other cultures that inhabit our area and nation. 

Of the many indigenous peoples around the world that have been taught to re-use the materials and food given to them, Maori have been exceptionally resourceful in achieving this. Maori have built up a great knowledge of their environments, such as complex navigation via the stars over long distances, sustainable fishing practices and allowing the native bush and plants to regenerate while only taking as much as they need and no more.

Maori in New Zealand, like many other indigenous cultures around the world, have for many generations been dependent on their local forests, pastures and the sea for the provision of resources. These include food, shelter and other uses (such as Harakeke/ Flax) for clothes, fishing lines, nets and baskets. They have therefore maintained biodiversity. 

We support initiatives that teach both New Zealanders and visitors alike that conservation and forward-thinking initiatives benefit both our economy and our biodiversity. Examples are bush regeneration initiatives on the Maori meeting places (Marae) we work closely with, as well as assisting their programmes to work with at-risk youth to reintegrate them to benefit both Maori and our society in general. 

In the long-term, the success of our various Auckland Tours and Auckland Maori Culture Experiences depends very much on the attractiveness of the environment – both natural and social – and the biological diversity that we live in. We strive to restore biodiversity in our region where this has been decimated in the past. Our company aims to strongly assist such developments where we can to make Aotearoa / New Zealand an even more attractive place to visit.