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Auckland New Zealand – Land of Volcanoes

New Zealand is also nicknamed “The Shaky Isles” due to its volcanic activity and location in the famous “Pacific Ring of Fire”. Auckland (Tamaki Makaurau or "Maiden with 100 Lovers" in Maori) is New Zealand’s largest city. It's the only city in the world that is built right on top of a volcanic field – around 50 volcanoes. It was also recently voted the most liveable city in the world!

The fascinating volcanic forces in Auckland and New Zealand are major reasons why NZ is so beautiful, creating the stunning landscapes that we love to explore.

Let us take you on a fascinating journey that starts with an overview over some of the world’s most famous volcanoes, then progresses to the volcanic forces that continue to shape New Zealand. Finally, we explore the stunning nature surrounding Auckland and its volcanoes.

Your host Neill has travelled to over 50 countries and loves to travel – and to visit volcanoes. Get an up close and personal view of what it’s like to live in Auckland and New Zealand, explore some of our volcanoes and take in what makes Aotearoa (Maori name for New Zealand) so special. Instead of being labelled “City of Sails”, Auckland really should be called “City of Volcanoes”.

This highly interesting experience is ideal for families, friends, corporate events and team building. We ensure this is fully interactive and can host any number of guests.

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