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Private Auckland Volcanoes Luxury Tour

Auckland is a volcanic wonderland waiting to be uncovered. Encounter a number of iconic volcanic cones of historic significance and learn how they shaped the history of the city.
Duration: Full Day
Location: Auckland City
Group Type: Private
Price From: NZ$415 pp
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What our guests are saying:
"We went to the tallest peak in the city where we had a superb view of the entire area that included many peaks of dormant volcanoes that make up Auckland. There were many other marvellous sights seen and the day passed quickly as we were spoiled with snacks and beverages along the way."

Explore the experiences included in this tour:

Volcanic history

Discover Auckland’s rich volcanic history

In and around Auckland, the city is built on about 55 volcanic cones, many of which still exist today and can be explored accordingly. Others have been altered, in some instances significantly, since humans started making this strategically vital place in New Zealand their home about 800 years ago.

Private Auckland Volcanoes Luxury Tour - Volcanic history

Private Auckland Volcanoes Luxury Tour - Find iconic volcanoes and hidden treasures

Find iconic volcanoes and hidden treasures

Discover Auckland's famous and lesser-known volcanoes

The Private Auckland Volcanoes Luxury Tour provides a highlight of Auckland city based on visits to both iconic and also lesser-known volcanic cones of great natural and historical significance, providing an opportunity to learn about how they shaped the history of the city.

Aerial views

Some of the best views of the city

Thanks to their towering heights, Auckland’s many volcanoes are some of the most scenic spots of the city. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and coast from the top of many of the volcanoes.

Private Auckland Volcanoes Luxury Tour - Aerial views

Auckland Museum

For those wishing to learn more about the volcanoes, this tour can also incorporate a visit to the Auckland Museum where a special volcanic display is housed. Please note the museum entrance fee is not included.