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New brand identity & new business unit to mark 10th anniversary



TIME Unlimited Tours from Auckland New Zealand launches new brand identity & new business unit to mark 10th anniversary

(Auckland, NZ) – Multi-award winning TIME Unlimited Tours is celebrating a number of milestones – reaching its 10th year in operation, launching its new brand and formally opening a new business unit!  As one of New Zealand’s most awarded tourism companies, they are proud to continue leading the way in the areas of eco-tourism and cultural experiences. Just a few days ago they represented New Zealand at the world’s foremost eco-tourism conference in Ecuador, where they were able to benchmark themselves against some of the global leaders in this area. 

Ceillhe and Neill Sperath, Founders and Directors of TIME Unlimited Tours, say: “To be guided by TIME is to experience Our New Zealand, Your Way. We take pride in sharing our culture, our heritage, and the unique and amazing places New Zealand has to offer. We don’t stand on the sidelines while you are just a spectator in our beautiful country. Instead, we engage with you, share our knowledge and stories of our people and places, and host you through the experience so that you understand Our New Zealand, Your Way.

With TIME Unlimited Tours you will experience the integration of cultures, generosity of spirit, and understand why protection of our people and places is so very important to us. These are our values, this is who we are, and we wish to share that with you.”

Their story and new brand identity has been developed on their core values:
Manaakitanga; the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others. Open hearts.
Kaitiakitanga; the guardians of this place and our people. Open minds sharing open spaces.
Kiwitanga; our culture of warm and relaxed hospitality. Open minds welcoming strangers as friends. 
The symbolic elements within the creative each represent core elements of TIME Unlimited Tours:
Pikorua: The Pikorua in our logo symbolises connections, journeys, integration and the infinity of unlimited time.  It represents the coming together of people and stories, creating an eternal bond which we believe are the lifetime memories you take with you. 
Colours: The colours in our brand represent the natural elements of New Zealand that we protect. Coast (land), sea and sky.
Arrows: The arrows are taken from Maori design elements and are symbolic of forward movement and the journey ahead.
Koru: The koru symbol is iconic to New Zealand. The spiral shape represents a journey outward while the central point symbolises a return to the point of origin.

This 10 year business anniversary coincides with the launch of both their new business brand including new logo and all associated marketing materials, plus the formal launch of their new business unit dedicated to the conventions & incentives market to complement their extensive tourism offering. 

Ceillhe and Neill Sperath: “Our new brand signals our business development evolution from our current logo featuring the ‘koru’ being synonymous with new beginnings, harmony and balance to our new logo incorporating the ‘pikorua’. This represents the essence of ‘infinity’ (TIME Unlimited) and the inter-twining pathways of the people who make up our business – from our manuhiri (guests), our kaiarahi (guides) and our industry partners to our own important whanau (family) who are integral to our business.  Our updated brand message ‘OUR NEW ZEALAND – YOUR WAY’ is in line with our guiding principle that offering tours is an interactive, two way dialogue where our guest’s requirements are at the centre of the unique service we provide.”

For TIME Unlimited Tours, this is a further exciting development to reaffirm its commitment to its cornerstone values of being a Maori business and equally of being a proud Kiwi tourism enterprise.  TIME Unlimited Tours is very much an eco-tourism business that is underpinned by the core value of Kaitiakitanga – guardians of this place and our people.

They have aligned their goals with the Tourism New Zealand 2025 Tourism framework. TIME Unlimited Tours were a case study within the Visitor Experience category, showcasing their ability to share ‘Kiwitanga’ – our culture of warm and relaxed hospitality, welcoming strangers as friends.  The importance of sharing culture and hosting with Manaakitanga – the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others – is often underestimated. It may seem obvious and sound easy but being able to deliver on this promise consistently at a high level is what sets one business apart from others. Ceillhe & Neill reflect on what they have achieved in the past 10 years and they also look to the future with great optimism.  What has not changed is the passion for giving manuhiri (visitors) “The TIME of your life!” while in their care.  

Being average or mediocre is not part of the TIME Unlimited Tours DNA.  Outstanding service is an integral part to their success plan which underpins all of its key relationships. Ceillhe & Neill agree that it is about being far more than ordinary.  They believe to achieve long-term success in this industry requires being extra-ordinary and to continuously develop in all aspects of their business. This means never cutting corners, upholding integrity-based practices, being socially and environmentally responsible, not undermining or devaluing what one has to offer. Importantly, this also means leading by example and encouraging others in the industry to also lift the bar and striving for excellence for visitors’ benefit.

In many instances the founders of a business are no longer at the helm after such a long time but in the case of TIME Unlimited Tours, Neill and Ceillhe Sperath are still very active both in developing and managing their business but also as the principal guides, supported by a great team. At the same time, they are working on a multitude of new business development initiatives to ensure they remain market leaders.  After 10 years, they have grown their business from a small operation with one vehicle and limited tour offerings to being able to host 8 tours simultaneously throughout the year – and growing. They are supported by a strong team of highly experienced, qualified and very passionate team members who share one common focus of putting guests at the centre of the experience. In essence it is what they want their team and all industry partners to see as their new brand promise of ‘OUR NEW ZEALAND – YOUR WAY’.

TIME Unlimited Tours is one of the most awarded tourism businesses in New Zealand and offers an extensive range of high-quality tours available in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. These are:
Auckland Tours
Auckland Maori Tours
Guided Wilderness Walks
Auckland Shore Excursions
Private Auckland & NZ Tours

Please also refer to their website www.newzealandtours.travel  
TIME Unlimited Tours on Web 2.0:
www.tripadvisor.co.nz/TIME Unlimited Tours

For more information, please contact:
Neill and Ceillhe Sperath
Founders & Directors of TIME Unlimited Tours
To Integrate Maori Experiences” 
Phone: +64-9-TIME 4 NZ (8463 469)
Mobile: +64-274-846369 or (0274) TIME NZ
Email: neill@newzealandtours.travel or ceillhe@newzealandtours.travel 
Website: www.newzealandtours.travel
New brand identity & new business unit to mark 10th anniversary
TIME Unlimited Tours
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